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Only registered delegates are allowed to attend the conference. Conference fees are as indicated in the registration form and the fees cover the coffee breaks, lunches, receptions, conference kit and documentation. The fees do not include hotel accommodation. (Please refer to the registration form for further details).

The registration fee will be refunded, less 25%, for cancellations received before 23 April, 2018. No refund can be made for cancellation after 23 April 2018. However, a substitute delegate may attend in place. Refunds will be issued only after the conference.


Session 1: Global Trends & Sustainability
• Overview on supply, stocks and effectiveness of the management measures: Working towards a Global Consensus
• Ensuring Sustainable Tuna Stocks and in the Promotion of Sustainable Development to Tuna Industry
• Fishery Improvement Programmes (FIPs) and Certification
• The Growth of Technology to Combat IUU and Improve Data Collection

Session 2 : Industry Status & Updates
• Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) Measures on Global Tuna Market: Challenges and Opportunities
• Thai Tuna Industry: Canned Tuna Industry Updates
• Innovating the industry to Manage Market Challenges
• Japan Tuna Industry Expansion towards Sustainable Tuna Fisheries
• Opportunities for One-by-One Tuna Fisheries in Asia

Session 3 : Global and Regional Tuna Trade and Markets
• European Tuna Industry and Market
• Middle East
• Latin America
• Why the EU market desperately needs more Pacific tuna supply
• Asia
• Impact of Brexit in the Tuna Industry

Market Access and Market Access Issues
• Sustainability and Fishing Operations
• FADs: Improving Through Monitoring, Management and Effectiveness
• State level needs for Catch Documentation Schemes
• Fair Labour Standards On-Board Fishing Vessel
• IUU Fishing Policy

Session 4: Sustainability, Environment and Eco-Labelling in the
Tuna Industry
• Panel Discussion (Sustainable Tuna Industry)
• How important is sustainability for the retailer: Consumers’ Confidence in Certified Seafood

Session 5: Recent Innovations and Trends in Technology for the
Tuna Industry
• Improving Monitoring at Sea – Electronic Monitoring
• Processing and Packaging
• Shipping and Logistics
• Tuna By-product Utilization
• Tuna Farming
• Gender in Tuna Fisheries
• Impacts of Climate Change on Tuna Resources

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Intergovernmental Organisation for Marketing Information and Technical Advisory Services for Fishery Products in the Asia and Pacific Region.

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