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TUNA 2018 BANGKOK, THAILAND : Press Release

Release March 2018

Braving Challenges: Towards a Traceable and Sustainable Tuna Industry


In about two months the largest global tuna industry meeting, TUNA 2018, is set to take place again in Bangkok. With the theme “Braving Challenges: Towards a Traceable and Sustainable Tuna Industry”, the conference will be chaired by Dr. Transform Aqorau, the former CEO of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA), and who now has a supporting and mentoring role as Legal and Technical Support Adviser. Joining him as co-chair will be Dr. Chanintr Chalisaparong, President, Thai Tuna Industry Association (TTIA).  We are also pleased to announce that Mr. Luciano Pirovano, Bolton Food Sustainable Development Director as well as Chairman of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), will be delivering the Keynote Address.

Dr. Transform Aqorau, the Chairman of TUNA 2018, eagerly geared for the Conference said, "This year’s Tuna Conference promises to be a very interesting one coming amidst two key challenges. Under the sea, we have to ensure that the tuna stocks are maintained at healthy levels. We have seen generally low catches in some of the oceans which also affected the industry in the past year or so. The responsibility to ensure that stocks remain healthy and sustainable is a global one. Consumers around the world increasingly want to know where and how their tuna is caught and especially to know that the tuna that they are eating comes from a well-managed fishery. Above the water, there have been challenges in getting the different States to manage their relationships and ensuring that the institutions that support the management and conservation of tuna in the major oceans are effective. There is an increasing trend now towards getting well defined harvest strategies in place which will improve management and decision making in these regional fisheries management organizations. These challenges and opportunities to provide effective pathways will be canvassed at this year’s Tuna Conference.”

Echoing the theme of the TUNA 2018 Conference, Mr Luciano Pirovano, who will deliver the Keynote Address says, “I am very glad to be part of this important meeting that is always a perfect occasion to meet all the stakeholders and share best practices and common views on key opportunities and challenges including sustainability that in the recent year has become one of the key topics of our business. In fact, today more than ever, companies are aware of the role they must play in the social and environmental fields and consumers are focusing more and more on sustainability. During the conference I will present the concrete experience of Bolton Food, a company that has always had a strategic approach to sustainability and that continuously works to make its commitment to improve sustainable fishing and the health of the oceans concrete. We truly believe that only in cooperating with all the stakeholders belonging to the supply chain will it be possible to undertake long term actions that will guide the canned fish sector towards new sustainability standards. To achieve the desired result, we constantly dialogue with our stakeholders to improve strategies and set benchmarks relevant to a sensitive fishery industry like tuna. We are convinced that it’s our responsibility to respect the ocean and its biodiversity in order to preserve them for our industry and for the future generation.”
Among the renowned speakers who will be sharing their views at TUNA 2018 are Audun Lem, FAO; Susan Jackson, ISSF; Anthony Kim, WTPO; Feleti P Teo, OBE, WCPFC; Guillermo Compean Jimenez, IATTC; Chris O’Brien,  IOTC; William W Fox, WWF; Farid Maruf, Oceans and Fisheries Partnership; Marcelo Hidalgo, Seafoodmatter; Jeremy Crawford, International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF); Nat Onsri, Thai Tuna Industry Association (TTIA); Antonio Guerra, Grupomar; Sancho Kim, Silla Co Ltd; Dave Melbourne, Bumble Bee Foods; Juan Vieites Baptista De Sousa, ANFACO-CECOPESCA/EUROTHON; Arnab Sengupta, Phoenix Commodities; Dario Chemerinski; Henk Brus, Pacifical; Fatima Ferdouse;  Walter John Anzer, Anzer Consultancy Ltd; Victor Restrepo, ISSF;  Iain Pollard, Key Traceability Ltd; Francisco Blaha; Julio Moron Ayala, OPAGAC; Roberto Cesari, European Commission; Darian McBain, Thai Union Group PCL; Ingrid Giskes, Global Ghost Gear Initiative; Matthew Owens, Tri Marine; Paolo Bray, Friend of the Sea;  Bill Holden, MSC; Oliver Knowles, Greenpeace;  Sven Blankenhorn, Fair Trade USA; Faustino Velasco Maganto, Satlink; William Kowalski, Hawaii International Seafood Inc.; Thue Barfod, Maersk Line; Rose Mueda, University of the Philippines; Arlene Nietes Satapornvanit, Oceans and Fisheries Partnership; Valerie Allain, Pacific Community (SPC).

Around 600 delegates from over 70 countries are expected to attend the Conference. Early bird registration at a discounted fee is still open until 24 March 2018. An exhibition will also be taking place concurrently with 40 booths made available, of which 38 are already taken up. Companies wishing to be part of this prestigious event can sign up for Sponsorship Packages – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze – which offer attractive and real benefits.

And last but not least, do not miss out on the special rates made available for your stay at the Shangri-la Hotel and other Satellite hotels.

*Simultaneous Interpretation
We are pleased to inform that for the first time, INFOFISH will be providing simultaneous interpretation of presentations from English to Spanish throughout the two and a half days event for the benefit of spanish speaking delegates.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Bangkok!

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INFOFISH is organizing the 15th World Tuna Trade Conference & Exhibition, in Bangkok, Thailand from 28 - 30 May 2018. The official website of the event, bears all the links for enabling registration of delegates / exhibitors, hotel reservation, details of promotional packages, sponsorship etc. Please note that we have not appointed any third party company in connection with the event & all registrations / inquiries must be made through the official website of the event:

Tuna 2018 Bangkok

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Conference Fees & Cancellation Policy

Only registered delegates are allowed to attend the conference. Conference fees are as indicated in the registration form and the fees cover the coffee breaks, lunches, receptions, conference kit and documentation. The fees do not include hotel accommodation. (Please refer to the registration form for further details).

The registration fee will be refunded, less 25%, for cancellations received before 23 April, 2018. No refund can be made for cancellation after 23 April 2018. However, a substitute delegate may attend in place. Refunds will be issued only after the conference.

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An exhibition will also be held concurrently in the same venue. A total of 40 booths will be made available for companies and organizations to display and promote their products, equipment, machineries and services related to the industry. Only 3 Booth are still availablefirst come first served.

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Sponsorship Packages

INFOFISH is inviting companies and organizations to be a partner of this prestigious event by signing up for the sponsorship packages - Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze - which offer attractive and real benefits to sponsors.

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Promotional packages are available for companies who are interested to effectively advertise and promote their products or services during TUNA 2018 with minimal charges. These packages will provide a better impact and a bonus in introducing their products and services.

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